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Under the principles of fairness and impartiality, and invited by Mr. Paillasson, the Executive Committee of China Pastry Cup and the China Association of Bakery & Confectionery Industry have hosted two CPC events since 2017. The CPC brings together outstanding Chinese chefs to improve the standards and craftsmanship of Chinese pastry chefs, and to advance skills exchange.

In order to help the Chinese team in the World Pastry Cup, the CPC has improved the rules this year, reshaping it as a trial competition. In the first two competitions, team participation required that the players have comprehensive and balanced skills. Only a few chefs in China were qualified. In this year’s CPC, the selection criteria for individual champions has become more stringent, and the individual champions form teams, helping send a stronger national team to the World Pastry Cup. The Chinese team will eventually go to Lyon to compete on the world stage with over 20 teams, bringing together champions from all over the world.

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